Mina Sellami, is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Med-Prov, LLC. She is a JD with Subject Matter Expertise in Healthcare Fraud, waste, and abuse, Affordable Care Act, Healthcare IT, and government compliance. Her Company provides Expert knowledge and skills to Healthcare Technology companies to better understand Medicare and Medicaid programs and CMS unfunded mandates. She has managed large-scale Health IT systems supporting Centers of Medicare and Medicaid. Prior to Med-Prov, Mina acted as a Compliance Officer for various Healthcare Contractors and was assigned as Program Manager for the Provider Quality Reporting System (PQRS) supporting Health and Human Services. She’s worked on Meaningful Use Programs, HITECH, PQRS, and EHR.

Over the years, Mina Sellami was instrumental in safeguarding the Medicare Trust Fund by recouping over $10 Million from aberrant providers conducting data analysis, investigations, and caseload development. Med-Prov is a strong advocate in working with Doctors and Hospitals to increase quality care and reduce healthcare waste and abuse.

mina-profileSome State and Federal Programs experience challenges when outsourcing IT services to contractors. Although the healthcare Technology contractors may be very experienced and competent in software and technical solutions, they may lack understanding of program requirements. Mina and her team bridge the gap by providing point-to-point support to Healthcare contractors by interpreting regulations and policies, develop requirements, and guide contractors to implement program requirements accurately and efficiently. Mina’s proven expertise in policy and compliance coupled with healthcare technology and system solutions, lends strength to reduce government contract waste, and improve technical understanding of the client’s needs.

Mina Sellami obtained her Bachelors Degree and MBA with emphasis in Healthcare Policy from Kansas, and obtained her Jurist Doctorate from California majoring in Healthcare Law.