Healthcare Technology Solutions

Med-Prov, supports government contracts by managing Healthcare Claims Enterprise systems and provide strategic system solutions for CMS, CMMI, Health Plans, and other Healthcare Technology companies. Learn More


Healthcare Quality Assessments Quality Measures

Med-Prov is a data analytic and reporting provider of an online surveys geared to healthcare providers. We use Quality Assessment Tools which measure the performance of the healthcare organizations. Learn More


Affordable Care Act Regulatory and Policy Program

Med-Prov is committed to support Healthcare Providers, Health Plans, and Small Business Organizations interpret, implement, and apply the ACA Healthcare Reform Act. Learn More


Healthcare Compliance Services

We Implement an Effective Federal and State Compliance program containing the seven elements recommended by the Office of Inspector General (OIG). Learn More


Healthcare Fraud, waste, and Abuse Program

Med-Prov supports Federal and State Healthcare Integrity contractors and government agencies. Learn More